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The cost of natural stone will vary based on the needs or your project.

Types of stone
There are many types of natural stone. Prices range from $30 per square foot all the way up to hundreds of dollars per square foot. Most customers select a stone in the $40 to $50 price range.

Don't be fooled into thinking premium or specialty stones are superior in quality to lower priced material. The higher priced stone is usually higher in price because it is more difficult to excavate from the quarry, costs more to ship because of the location of the quarry, or because of the labor costs in the country that supplies the stone is higher. Select your stone based on your personal taste, budget, appearence, and how it looks with your decor. TNT Marble & Stone does not make more money if you purchase a higher grade stone so we will be happy to give you experienced unbiased opinions or answer any questions you have about your stone selection.


If you have a small project such as an end table or small vainity you may be able to use remnate material. Remnants are left over stone from other jobs. Remnants are priced at $30 per square foot even though if you were to buy a full slab of the the same material for a larger project the stone could cost hundreds of dollars more.

Type of edge
There are several edge finishes that you can choose from. The finished edge of your project is priced by the linier foot. More intricate edges require more labor so some premimum edges could have a higher price.

Cut-out holes
Cut-out holes must be cut into the stone to accommodate sinks and drop-in cooktops. A standard hole without a finished edge will cost $100. Unfinished edge cut-outs are usually used for a cook top or drop-in (over-mount) sink. A cut-out hole for an under-mount sink will need a finished edge so it will cost more. A finished edge cut-out is priced at $300.


Installation, caulking, delivery, and sealing
Caulking and applying the first coat of sealer is included at no additional charge. The first coat of sealer will last for 2 to 5 years after which it will be the owners responsibility to apply additional coats of sealer as needed. Sealer can be purchased from local hardware stores, tile stores, or directly from TNT Marble & Stone.

Installaltion will cost $10 per square foot.

Delivery is usually provided at no additional cost. However, there may be an additional surcharge for delivery to cover fuel and time if the job site is an unusually long distance from the TNT Marble & Stones fabrication factory in White Lake, Michigan. Delivery prices will be quoted if necessary along with the job quote.